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Us, searchers of the Awesome

We are a team that offers digital art for videogame, audiovisual and VR/AR productions.

Andrés Jaliff

Cofounder, CEO & Talent Manager

Is our Gandalf promoting people and motivating the team. Always seeking for alliances creating value with wise negotiations

Luciano Prata

Cofounder, Cinematographer & CTO

The one who is always looking for new creative horizons and great visual emotions through shapes, colours, spaces and light

Mario Mendoza

Founder, COO & 3D Artist

The one with the feets on the ground and the head on the clouds, always trying to discover the amazing on all things and stories

Jorge Chocarro

Strategic Partner for Europe

Our old continent connection, a true entrepeneur and a great business & peoples necessities finder

Andrea Moreno

Environment designer

The one who enjoys understanding art for entertainment. Always ready to learn more on skills and knowledge to improve and bring beauty on everything around her

Dario Sartor

2D Artist & 3D Animator

The one who push every piece of work with so much love and dedication, that things turn really awesome!

Gregorio Anselmi

Level Designer & Dev

He who doesn't let any bad code, path or geometry stand in his way. Also, Japan lover.

Ignacio Cónsoli


He who seeks the truth in the beauty of words, so they can vibrate and live in others.

Joaquín Machinea

Game Designer & Dev

Josefina Laudadio

Character designer

She who seeks to put real emotions into characters. Always ready to bring life and joy into each project!

Marila Raganato

Environment Artist

The one who loves to convey incredible emotions and reflections with her illustrations

Matias Quintana

Developer & 3D Artist

In his own words: the key to happiness is to love what you do.

Nicolás Ahun

3D Animator

He who has a giant passion to breathe life into anything that moves and has a story to tell, regardless the amount of legs!

Nicolás Sosa

Narrative Designer & Film director

Nahuel Martín

Game Designer & Dev

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3D Production

Always in time, always in budget!

  • Modeling & Sculpting: all the assets your game needs to show how awesome it is

  • Rigging & Animation: it's alive! Let's put your world in motion, from characters to krakens


We can develop your ideas into great style propositions.

  • Characters: from proportions to attitude, let’s make them memorables

  • Props: your hero need a powerful bow or a portable nuclear gun?

  • Environments: scenes and levels that capture your storytelling

  • UI: we organize all the info that your players need for being the best

  • Brands: logos that will last forever in memory, or in tattoos!


Don't you love the beauty, the awesome?

  • Surfacing, Lightning & Rendering: we know how to mix beautyfully crafted style with the most optimized performance that offers Unreal.

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